online wedding planner course paksitan

Online Wedding Planner Course

online wedding planner course paksitan
After qualifying all the exams, the student will be award with grades as per their percentage of marks obtained.

Alhuda Online Travel Agent course institute Multan is designed for Those who students those want to become wedding planner. In this course to offer the ability to detect events, make sense of them and refer it to the correct resolver team. To act as the base and entry point for the automation and execution of routine functioning activities. To provide the ability to compare actual performance against design standards and SLAs. To provide the entry point for the execution of many services operation processes and activities.

6 Months & 1 Year

Events are a part of our life and it is impossible to imagine a life without them. When we attend event we may not notice little things if the complete experience of an event is beautiful and worth it. But if something is absent and not right, people will absolutely notice it. Away are the days when an event was planned without giving much thought, and event planning was not considered as a real profession. In this new world, event management is one of the most required after profession and it is one of the most profitable industries. The demand and need of event managers and event planners are always higher in many companies. Everybody agree with my belief of managing the most confused and stressful task handling persons are event managers. This field is quite different from others fields, here few workers very successfully without holding any event management degree while many have plenty of courses in hand but couldn’t achieve the desired reputation.

In Alhuda Online Travel Agents course institute Multan, Students/Participants will learn about, Wedding Planning, Budget Management, Wedding Management, the Concept of Wedding in Different Religions, Wedding Traditions, Wedding Themes, Venue Adjustment, Music Management, Flowers Sense, Decoration Sense, Food and Beverage Management, Ceremony Etiquette Etc.

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