online free wordpress course

Free Online WordPress Course

online free wordpress course
After qualifying all the exams, the student will be award with grades as per their percentage of marks obtained.

Alhuda Free online certificate wordpress course Pakistan, Purpose of this Course is to train and motivate participant to emerge as WordPress Developer, who can create custom & responsive websites and blogs. After completion of course, participant can know what are the Toolbars, Localhost implementation, MAMP Database & how to use them to complete WordPress based Sites & Blogs. Student will be trained how to create such WordPress (Google AdSense Affiliated) so that they can earn money from their WordPress skills.

6 Months & 1 Year

In Alhuda Free online certificate wordpress course Pakistan, students/Participants will learn everywhere latest WordPress (Download, Installation, Shape of WordPress at Localhost, Installation, Formation of MAMP Database, Download & Install WordPress Sites Themes, usage of plugins, Customize the themes & plugins, How to Connect MAMP Database to WordPress Sites, Employed to WordPress Toolbars, Complete Customization Erudition of WordPress, How to Make Online WordPress Website/Blog, How to Buying Domain and Hosting to “Earn Money”), Learn to Achieve Fastest Approved Google AdSense Account To make WordPress Site more Solemn.

A student joined for any course is allowed for an up tone to any other course along with the filled course alteration form. For this, he/she has to fill a Course Change form which is available at his/her center with clearly citing his/her former details (Registration No., Course) and also the course they are absorbed for. In that case, a student is indispensable to submit the form at their branch only after that the form will be forward to HO by center director. For course up nuance RS. 150/- will be care extra as dispensation charge.

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