free laptop repairing course multan

Free Laptop Repairing Course

free laptop repairing course multan
After qualifying all the exams, the student will be award with grades as per their percentage of marks obtained.

Alhuda Free online certificate laptop course Multan doggedness of this course is to train and induce participant that Airline Ticketing is a Diploma Civil Flight Course. Airline Ticketing is a process of providing a document by an airline and a travel agency, to sanction that an individual has obtained a seat on a flight on an aircraft. The course exposes many airline ticketing thoughts such as travel agency organization, ticketing, boarding, ticketing procedure and so on. The air ticketing course is good for the job after fleeting it students have profuse openings in the civil flying sector both government and secluded.

6 Months & 1 Year

Now a days everyone have Laptop. Today, laptop take place desktop computer and gofer know about desktop computer. Approximately every woman have their own laptop. Laptop is very easy to take away one place to further place. Laptop is a need for every person now a days. If their Laptop breaks down, or have other unruly they want to fix it in proceedings no matter how much they have to pay for it. Today millions of people are earning thousands of rupees a day in this way۔ You too can earn thousands of rupees commonplace by learning laptop repairing۔ Laptop repairing is a skill that willpower be very suitable in your life۔

At Alhuda Free online certificate laptop course Multan, the syllabus for laptop refurbishment course will act as a concerning course for persons students who do not have any former gen about the field. For others, who previously have former material about electrical and electronic engineering, laptop repairing course will help them study these moods.

  • Basic tools
  • Practical
  • Installing Operating Systems on Laptops & Netbooks
  • Disassembly
  • CD/DVD Drive Repairing
  • Recover Lost Data from a Dead Hard Drive
  • Screen Repairing
  • Laptop Power on Problem
  • Laptop Motherboard Component
  • The Soldering Process

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