• Be a part of nationally & internationally certified Brand.
  • We had a strong existence more over 15 years on web world in IT Education industry of Pakistan.
  • Your Centre will get the benefits of Govt.’s Association i.e. Governtment Registration; Technical Board Support from day one, also your centre can be get affiliation in Govt.’s Certification] .
  • Advertising support through printed Publicity Material & National & Local Newspapers.
  • Participation in national & international activities of the organization.
  • National monthly newspapers times (launched shortly).
  • Free Start up kit for opening of centre.
  • Nominal one time registration fee of courses.
  • No Sharing in Course Fee and Tuition Fee of students.
  • Nominal Centre authorization & Renewal Fee [One time only].
  • Right to decide by own:

    - prescribe own fee structure of courses.

    - to take admission & conduct monthly examination as per your own prescribed session.

    - to suggest new job oriented courses.

  • Proper guidance for centre management works.
  • Online Student’s Registration Check Facility.
  • Easy & Fast dispatch facility for Diploma – Certificates and other material.
  • Online examination facility.
  • Monthly Audit Required.
  • National monthly Alhuda newspapers times (launched shortly).
  • National & International Certification for Courses under Alhuda Education Brand Name.
  • Anytime availability of Study Material.
  • Alhuda publications – an in house research team who understand the need of our students across the country’s and design and develop customized study material accordingly.
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